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Chagger Dental is proud to service residents of Oakville, Ontario. Our team started as a small office in Oakville in 2006 and has since expanded to nine different practices, proudly serving patience across the GTA and into Lambton county.

Location: Chagger Dental Clinic, 231 Oak Park Blvd., Suite #108, Oakville, ON L6H 7S8

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Since our inception, our Chagger Dental team has consisted of the best dental hygienists, family dentists, and oral surgeons found in Oakville and beyond. Just as patients choose their local dentist with care, we choose our team with care to ensure each member fits the Chagger Dentistry standard: knowledge, compassion, care and passion for oral health. It is of utmost importance that each member of our team upholds the values and abides by our philosophy, “To create a dental experience that caters to your individual needs in a comfortable and relaxed manner coupled with Dental Technology.”

Each member of our team has been selected with care to ensure current and future patients can be confident they have chosen the best dentist in Oakville, Ontario.

Worried About Your First Dentist Appointment?

For your first visit, your dentist will provide a thorough oral exam, checking you for gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and other issues that can affect both your mouth and your general health. Then you and the dentist will speak about a treatment plan. They’ll help you figure out exactly what procedures you’ll need, what order to complete them in, and how much each will cost so you can budget accordingly.

You may have your teeth cleaned during your first appointment, or the cleaning may be scheduled for a future date. This first appointment may last up to an hour and a half from start to finish, to ensure we give your mouth our full attention.

Feeling Anxious About Dental Work?

If you are avoiding scheduling a dental appointment because of dental anxiety, it’s time to make a phone call. At Chagger Dental, we focus on the overall wellbeing of our patients. We completely understand that some dental procedures can cause individuals to feel quite anxious. For these individuals, we offer sedation dentistry to assist with both your mental health needs and your oral health.

Our practice provides several sedation options, including an oral sedation pill, nitrous oxide, or intravenous sedation. No matter which option you choose, we’ll work with you to make your dental work as stress free as possible. Dental work can be a bit overwhelming, and we also understand that a major component in reducing the anxiety around dental procedures is education. As part of our focus on relaxed dental care, we provide multiple dental education videos on our website as well.

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Emergency Dental Services in Oakville

As you ponder emergency dental services in Oakville, you might not be immediately aware of how the service may be useful. It may help you to think about times that an individual may need emergency dentistry. For example, let’s say that you’re out dancing late into the night, and someone’s arm flails into your face and catches you in the lip. You feel a tooth pop out of your mouth, and panic begins to set in. It’s not often that you need emergency dental work, but when you do, you need it as soon as possible.

There are a few situations where emergency dental services become useful. First, the accidental chipping or loss of an adult permanent tooth. Often, this happens when a person is hit in the mouth or the head. If an entire tooth is knocked loose, it’s important to act as quickly as possible.

The second situation that could cause a need for emergency dentistry is when an individual is coping with sudden severe pain. If you are experiencing pain severe enough that it is causing loss of sleep it’s time to see an emergency dentist. Our dentists can locate the cause of the pain and then medicate it appropriately. They can also handle any procedures that are necessary in order to eliminate the source of pain.

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Hours: In addition to our regular business hours, we offer extended evenings and weekend appointments.

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Pondering Cosmetic Dentistry?

There are numerous cosmetic dentistry options for you to explore with your dentist to help you create a beautiful smile to greet the world with. Cosmetic dental work can range from basic procedures like whitening one’s teeth to a total smile makeover using veneers or inlays. We offer the following cosmetic dentistry procedures at Chagger Dental Oakville:

  • Onlays/Inlays
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Bonding
  • Veneers
  • Dental Implants

Visit the services tab on our site to see a more detailed explanation of any of these services. You greet the world with your smile. An attractive, healthy smile is something that patients of any age can obtain due to multiple options and constantly evolving technology.

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Try Invisalign at Oakville Orthodontists

Patients who opt for Invisalign may find that realigning their teeth is more comfortable than traditional braces, especially when working with our skilled dentists on the Chagger Dental team. Invisalign utilizes a clear tray that has been molded to fit precisely how your teeth should be aligned. You’ll be fitted with multiple aligners over time, with each designed to move your teeth slightly closer to where they should ideally be positioned in your mouth. Invisalign is worn all day; patients are typically told to remove their aligners when they eat and sleep.

Invisalign has multiple advantages over traditional braces. First, because the are completely transparent, no one knows that you have them on your teeth. Also, because they are fitted over an entire row of your teeth all at once, you don’t have to worry about small pieces of food getting stuck in them, like you do with braces. Invisalign is usually reported as more comfortable than normal braces, as it doesn’t typically cause pain or aching.

The length of your Invisalign treatment will depend on how many hours a day you wear the treatments, as well as how badly your teeth are misaligned. However, the treatments do not need to be worn twenty four hours a day. These treatments don’t usually last longer than treatments with traditional braces, and they may actually be shorter, depending on how much alignment needs to be done.

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Whether you’re scheduling your first appointment with us or calling due to a dental emergency, our team at Chagger Dental in Oakville is available to help you. Your smile is your greeting to the entire world. At Chagger Dentistry, we take great pride in making the world a happier place, improving it one smile at a time. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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