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Welcome to Chagger Dental Burlington

The Chagger Dental Team is proud to serve residents of Burlington, Ontario. Please fill out the form to book an appointment, or call the number below. We would love to have you as a patient and part of our Dental family!

We are located at 2455 Appleby Line, Suite #C08, Burlington, ON L7L 0B6.

Burlington Dentist: Your Trusted Source for Comprehensive Dental Care in Burlington, Ontario

Chagger Dental Burlington

Experience Exceptional Dental Care at Burlington Dentist

Thank you for choosing Chagger Dental Burlington. The staff at Chagger Dental provide exceptional dental care in our warm and comforting offices. From the beginning, our team has been comprised of great Burlington dentist, dental specialists and dental hygienists.

Every team member of the Chagger Dental family is compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a passion for oral and overall health. We believe it is crucial that every team member personifies these values and works according to our philosophy: creating dental experiences which are catered to individual needs, providing relaxed and comfortable care using the best in dental technology. Our team strives to earn your trust.

Anxious About Your First Dental Visit? Trust Our Burlington Dentist for a Comfortable Experience!

Your dentist will provide you with a thorough and careful oral examination, checking for specifics like gum disease, tooth decay, and anything else that might not only impact your mouth but also your overall well-being. Your dentist will then consult you about potential treatments he/she feel may benefit you.

Your first visit might include a teeth cleaning, although it could also be scheduled for a future visit. From beginning to end, your first visit is likely to last an hour to ninety minutes so that we have enough time to be sure your smile gets all the attention which it deserves.

At times, you may feel anxious about dental procedures. This anxious feeling is normal and happens to many people. Chagger Dental offers a variety of sedation dentistry options to help with any nerves you may experience. Our sedation options include oral sedation, intravenous, or nitrous oxide which is commonly referred to as laughing gas. These sedation options are in-keeping with our philosophy of providing quality dental care in a comfortable environment.

Chagger Dental Burlington

Services We Provide

Chagger Dental Burlington

Are You Anxious About Dental Work?

We at Chagger Dental Burlington are always concerned with the overall well-being and health of our patients. We know that certain procedures might create feelings of nervousness and anxiety in some patients. In order to assist your mental health and mood, on top of your oral care, we provide sedation dentistry in three different ways: intravenous, sedation pills, or nitrous oxide (more commonly known as laughing gas).

Whichever one you choose, we promise to make your procedure as relaxing and comfortable as we can possibly make it. Dental medical practices prove quite intimidating to many, and we know that a crucial contribution we can make in reducing patient anxiety is through education. As part of our larger mission is providing relaxed and comfortable dental care, we provide various educational videos found under the dental education tab.

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Emergency Dental Care in Burlington Dentist

In Burlington, we offer emergency dental services.  We will be your health care provider if you have pain or fracture a tooth. Being able to access our emergency dental services after hours provides peace of mind for all of our patients.  

You may not expect a dental emergency to happen to you, especially if you are taking good care of your oral health. Unfortunately, you cannot predict when an accident will occur that would warrant a visit to a dental office for emergency treatment. If an adult tooth has been chipped or fractured, you are going to need to see a dentist to understand the options of repair or replacement.

You may also require emergency dental care if you experience a sudden onset of pain. If you are unable to sleep and eat properly due to tooth pain, seeing a dentist is necessary. An emergency visit will allow your Burlington Dentist to determine if you have an infection by carefully examining your teeth and gums. The cause of pain can be determined and emergency procedures done if necessary or a medication be prescribed.

Chagger Dental Burlington

Contact Info

2455 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON L7L 0B6

Tel: 905-336-0600

Fax: 905-319-9600


Hours: In addition to our regular business hours, we offer extended evenings and weekend appointments.

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Thinking About Cosmetic Dentistry?

We have numerous options for patients to explore with their dentists if they are looking for a pretty smile that they are proud to show the world. We can do anything from teeth whitening to total smile makeovers using in/onlays or veneers. We also offer bridges, crowns, bonding, and implants. Check out our services tab for more details on these valuable options. After all, the smile you offer is your way of greeting the world. Constantly improving technology and numerous options which we can customize to your personal needs mean that patients of any age can have a great smile.

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Try Clear Aligner Therapy (Orthodontics) such as Invisalign, SureSmile or ClearCorrect

Braces are the traditional and conventional method for aligning smiles, but Invisalign, SureSmile and ClearCorrect offer something new. The realignment experience is far more comfortable when handled by the experienced staff here at Chagger Dental Burlington. Aligner therapy makes use of a clear tray designed specifically to fit your teeth in the way that they should ideally be aligned. You’ll get a number of various aligners over your treatment regimen, and each one is designed to get your teeth aligned a little bit closer to the ideal positioning. You wear the aligners throughout the day and remove your aligners when you go to bed or during meals.

Aligner therapy offers numerous benefits that traditional braces don’t. Aligners are almost invisible when in place.  Secondly, food does not get caught as it does with traditional braces. With aligner therapy, the aligner is removed prior to eating.

Studies have shown that aligner therapy use does not lead to an extended treatment plan, and in some cases, can even be faster. The length of treatment is unique for everyone’s smile. We look forward to offering you a consultation to discuss the merits of Aligner Therapy.

invisalign dentistry - services toronto
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Get Dental Implants in Burlington with Ease and Trust

As a dental clinic that offers dental implants in Burlington, we highly recommend Chagger Dental for their exceptional services. At Chagger Dental, we have a team of highly skilled Burlington dentists and advanced dental technology that make the process of getting dental implants easy and stress-free.

One of the key factors that sets us apart from other clinics is our commitment to building trust with our patients. We take the time to explain the procedure thoroughly, answer all questions, and make sure our patients feel comfortable and well-informed every step of the way.

The ease of the procedure is another standout feature of Chagger Dental. We use the latest dental technology and techniques, making the procedure efficient and effective. Our patients are pleasantly surprised by how smooth the process is and how quickly they can see the results.

We highly recommend Chagger Dental for anyone seeking dental implants in Burlington. Our professionalism, expertise, and commitment to patient care make us the ideal choice for all your dental needs.

Chagger Dental Burlington

Whether you are looking for your first appointment with us or need emergency dental care, trust the caring team of Chagger Dental Burlington to help you out. We consider the smiles of our patients to be their greeting to the world. We pride ourselves in helping the world prove friendlier to everyone, one gorgeous smile at a time. Book your appointment right away.

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